Jean-Lionel Bagot M.D. Jean-Lionel Bagot M.D.
Dr. Bagot and Dr. Jean Claude Karp are two pioneers in developing Homeopathic diluted compounds to decrease the side effects of most of the cytotoxic chemotherapy, as well as radiation and surgery in France. The effectiveness of this homeopathic approach to adverse effects of chemotherapy from Hand Foot Syndromes, to Arthritis, to Anastrozole, and anemia are impressive. Dr. Bagot also developed Homeopathic Isotherapy using highly diluted cytotoxic chemicals to decrease its potential side effects. Dr. Bagot is Vice-President of the Alsace Oncology network (RODA), President of the International Society of Homeopathic Supportive Care in Oncology (SHISSO), President of the East of France Homeopathic Society (SHE), and Physician coordinator-integrative medicine department – Saint Vincent Hospital Group.

Documents: Jean-Lionel Bagot CV (.pdf 619KB)

Ken Blue Ken Blue
CRONK – Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition Ketosis – is the optimal form of nutrition when people are plagued with chronic diseases such as cancer. Since 2005, Ken Blue has been the executive chef at Hippocrates Institute, which has been providing successful treatments for chronic diseases for over 60 years. Started Living Raw LLC where people come and pick up produce and sprouts and empowers them to live the Hippocrates lifestyle.

Websites: Hippocrates Institute, Living Raw

Alan Cash Ph.D. Alan Cash Ph.D.
The first to develop oxaloacetate part of the Krebs cycle substrate as a “Medical Food.” His focus has been on Glioblastoma and other solid tumors in humans and pets. Alan Cash is the founder of Terra Biological. Researching into the molecular and genomic mechanisms of aging and the effects of calorie restriction on aging, Mr. Cash developed unique molecular methods and compounds to mimic calorie restriction and extend lifespan in laboratory animals.

Websites: Alan Cash – Upgraded Aging Formula Mechanisms to Reduce Fatigue, Anxiety, & Brain Fog (VIDEO), Terra Biological LLC

Li Chuan Chen Ph.D. Li Chuan Chen Ph.D.
Former NIH staff reviewer for Burzynski protocol, Cone protocol, Insulin Potention protocol. Dr. Chen has been generous and willing to donate all personal documents to the public, and will be done at this conference. At present, he resides in Taiwan and has his own organization, but is making a special effort to attend this Retreat to share his candid understanding and opinion about the above subjects.

Documents: Lichuan Chen CV (.pdf 287KB)
Websites: Dr. Chen | National Cancer Institute | talks about Dr. Burzynski & Antineoplastons (VIDEO)

Travis Christofferson Travis Christofferson
Author of “Tripping Over The Truth” – a layman’s counterpart to “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” by Tom Seyfried. Travis is also the founder of the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies and is one of the three hosts for this Retreat. “Tripping Over The Truth” provides not only the history, but the politics and the arguments regarding the science and treatment of cancer. Travis will present the history of cancer metabolism and will expand on the early studies of nuclear transfer experiments showing that cancer stems from abnormal mitochondrial metabolism. He leads the public and scientists to the paradigm shift in our understanding of cancer.

Websites: Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies

Les Costello Ph.D. Les Costello Ph.D.
Longest history of research on metabolism of prostate cancer on citrate and aconitase influenced by Zinc ionophore, Clioquinol. Dr. Les Costello is Professor at the Greenebaum Cancer Center, University of Maryland. Has a career record of receiving more than 50 years of funded research grants and has over 175 publications. His understanding of Zinc ionophore extends to not only prostate cancer but pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors. He will debate Tom Seyfried on many issues regarding cancer metabolism.

Documents: Les Costello CV (.pdf 428KB)

Frank Cousineau Frank Cousineau
Frank’s original career was as an arbitration lawyer, but his passion extended to health and disease. He is the president of the Cancer Control Society, which is a resource for patients worldwide on cancer treatments internationally and has been in existence for over 40 years. He will present his candid view from his long experience of what forms of integrative therapy have been effective in cancer control.

Documents: Frank Cousineau Bio (.pdf 281KB)
Websites: Life Support Web

Stephen Cunnane Ph.D. Stephen Cunnane Ph.D.
Stephen Cunnane has a special interest in Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. He has one of two PET scan centers worldwide with the capability to measure ketone metabolism in clinical studies (using carbon-11-acetoacetate). This PET scan can quantify brain fuel metabolism during aging and the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. His studies confirm to all of us that Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases may be a metabolic dysfunction with sugar glucose metabolism – Diabetes Type 3. Our understanding of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases as a metabolic dysfunction will expand in the next 10 years, and Dr. Cunnane’s clinical trials will contribute to prevention and treatment of all neurological diseases.

Documents: Stephen Cunnane Bio (.pdf 166KB)

Daniel DeBaun Daniel DeBaun
Toxic exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and other forms of radiation are an important factor in today’s world. Toxic exposure may be one of the most important factors in disrupting mitochondrial DNA and mitochondria membranes. There are studies confirming neurological injury from cell phones alone. Daniel DeBaun is an internationally recognized and influential expert in shielding electronic emissions and EMF protection, with particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T and Bell Labs.

Documents: Daniel DeBaun Bio (.pdf 247KB)
Websites: DefenderShield

Robert Elliott M.D. Ph.D. Robert Elliott M.D. Ph.D.
Robert Elliot has been a general and thoracic surgeon, but has had a focus on mitochondrial abnormalities in cancer. He has trained in electron microscopy and has been the first one to show mitochondrial abnormality in breast cancer. He has shown that manipulation of the mitochondria has an additive effect on the traditional chemotherapeutic treatment. Dr. Robert Elliott is the driving force behind The Elliott-Elliott-Baucom Breast Cancer Research And Treatment Center. He will present his long experience on mitochondria abnormality in breast cancer affecting remission and survival.

Documents: Robert Elliott CV (.pdf 433KB)
Websites: The Elliott-Elliott-Baucom Breast Cancer Research And Treatment Center

Ahmed Elsakka M.D. Ahmed Elsakka M.D.
Showed the necrosis of Glioblastoma after ketogenic diet. Treatment of different metabolic disorders with ketogenic therapy and oxy-therapy (ozone & HBOT).

Documents: Ahmed Elsakka CV (.pdf 155KB)

Rodney Habib Rodney Habib
In today’s world, pets have an integral part in our daily lives. Pets suffer the same chronic diseases as humans. The use of ketogenic diets are as important in their health and disease. Rodney is a digital artist, filmmaker, multiple award-winning blogger, lecturer, founder of the world’s largest pet health page on Facebook called Planet Paws, and, more importantly, a pet parent. Rodney recently established the Paws For Change Foundation to further education and research in the areas of animal nutrition and the role of nutraceuticals, herbs, and natural healing in promoting animal longevity and well-being.

Websites: Planet Paws, Planet Paws Facebook

Jenny Hrbacek RN Jenny Hrbacek RN
Jenny Hrbacek set out on a life changing journey when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Today, she has launched a national campaign to change the way cancer is detected. “Cancer Free! Are you SURE?” is the “go-to” book for cancer detection tests. It describes state-of-the-art early diagnostic testing that can find cancer years before conventional screenings find it. She hosts “Cancer Free University,” which provides information on viable options to chemotherapy, aggressive treatments, and invasive surgeries. Jenny is also featured on the television show, “Know the Cause.”

Websites: Cancer Free University, Cancer Free! Are you SURE?

Alex Jack Alex Jack
Dr. George Yu audited the Macrobiotic Kushi Nutrition for the Best Case Series NIH in 2002. This is another form of CRONK (Calorie Restricted Optimal Nutrition Ketosis) using cooked Asian cuisine. It is in that audit that we confirmed that calorie restriction has a major influence in the progression of cancers. The form of diet uses complex carbohydrates with fiber without meat to accomplish their results. Of the 300 cases reviewed by Dr. Yu, one-third showed impressive regression of cancers. Characteristics of the patients showed 10% weight loss, lowered blood insulin, and raised the Beta hydroxybutyrate even without the oils. Speaking for the late Michio Kushi, Alex Jack has co-authored many publications including Macrobiotics and Cancer and understands the effects of macrobiotics on chronic disease. Alex Jack will share his long 30 year experience with us with demonstrations by Bettina Zumdick.

Documents: Alex Jack Bio (.pdf 299KB), Harmon 2015 Anti-inflam Potential of a prescribed (.pdf 111KB)
Websites: Book List

J. Shaw Jones M.D. J. Shaw Jones M.D.
The biggest problems using cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs are the severe adverse effects and immunosuppression. Dr. Jones has had over 10 years of experience using Insulin Potentiation therapy (metabolic potentiation) with cytotoxic chemotherapy. He has had a long experience with minimal adverse affects using up to 30% of the traditional chemotherapeutic dose with good results. This form of chemotherapy enhances the metabolic insult to cancers’ dependence on sugars and carbohydrates for survival and growth. This procedure is in keeping with the concept of fasting before chemotherapy and lowering the blood sugar at the time of treatment. This form of therapy is used worldwide and the group of oncologists from Turkey will be presenting their results on lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Websites: Natural Horizons Wellness Centers

Teresa Kenney WHNP APRN Teresa Kenney WHNP APRN
Teresa Kenney is an expert in the use of natural sex hormone for fertility, PMS, Menopause, Post Partum Depression, and the use of natural Progesterone in endometrial bleeding etc. She is the head-nurse for the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska and will share with you her long clinical experience.

Documents: Teresa Kenney – Omaha Magazine (.pdf 4MB)
Websites: Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction

Akbar Khan M.D. Akbar Khan M.D.
The use of metabolic blocking agents, as a form of treatment in cancers, are growing in numbers. The focus on mitochondrial abnormalities in cancers have received great attention worldwide. Dr. Khan is the first in the world to use dichloroacetate, a metabolic blocking agent, to treat over 1,500 patients. Akbar Khan is the founder and Medical Director of Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto, Canada.

Documents: Akbar Khan CV (.pdf 119KB)
Websites: Medicor Cancer Centres

Young Ko Ph.D. Young Ko Ph.D.
Young Ko worked as a postdoctoral fellow under Dr. Peter Pedersen at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and is the sole discover of 3 Bromo pyruvate (3BP) metabolic blocking agent. She holds all of the patents to this unique molecule. She collaborates in research worldwide concerning this molecule, and at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), In Vivo screening of 60 human cancer cell lines show impressive cancer cell death with direct exposure to 3BP. This is one of the most promising metabolic block agents, which addresses both glycolosis (fermentation) and abnormal mitochondrial function. She will elaborate on the work done by Dr. Pedersen discovering Hexokinase 2 within the mitochondria, illustrating the complexity of cancer metabolism as it evolves. She will make a rare appearance at this Retreat, presenting her experiences from basic science to the clinical use of 3BP.

KoDiscovery, LLC – University of Maryland BioPark Campus

Documents: Human – Young Ko – A translational study case repo (.pdf 572KB), Human Cancer Cell Line Screening Using 3BP (.pdf 288KB)

Peter Pedersen Ph.D. Peter Pedersen Ph.D.
The early pioneer of cancer bioenergetics and discover of Hexokinase 2. Close associate of the late Albert Lehninger, Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

Documents: Tumor Mitochondria and the Bioenergetics of Cancer (.pdf 5MB)
Websites: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dawn Lemanne M.D. Dawn Lemanne M.D.
Dr. Lemanne is a Stanford-trained, board certified medical oncologist pioneering the use of ketosis and intermittent fasting in selected cancer patients to augment the efficacy of conventional treatment. Her clinic, Oregon Integrative Oncology, in Ashland, Oregon, is known for its eclectic and thorough approach to each case, and attracts patients from around the world.

Dr. Lemanne speaks internationally on integrative oncology, diet, and cancer therapy, and is a leader in the quantified self movement. She is currently exploring the use of hyperbaric oxygen as a treatment adjunct in cancer. She has authored textbook chapters and published peer-reviewed articles in medical journals. She develops the oncology curriculum for major integrative medicine programs, including the flagship integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Lemanne, with Glenn Sabin, authored the popular book “n of 1,” which relates the details of Mr. Sabin’s remarkable reversal of chronic lymphocytic leukemia without conventional treatment, a case documented by his Harvard and Johns Hopkins oncologists.

Documents: Dawn Lemanne – Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer (.pdf 2MB)
Websites: A Case of Complete and Durable Molecular Remission of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Dr. Dawn Lemanne – ‘Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer Therapy’ (VIDEO), Oregon Integrative Oncology

Ndaba Maxibuko M.D. Ndaba Maxibuko M.D.
The Care Oncology Clinic uses metabolic repurposed drugs in the treatment of Glioblastoma and other chronic diseases. They utilize drugs such as metformin (used in diabetes), mebendazole (used for worm antihelmintic), statins (used in cardiovascular disease), and ibuprofin (an anti-inflammatory treatment for pain). Dr Ndaba Mazibuko is a Clinical Research Fellow in Clinical Neuroscience (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience – King’s College London). For the last two years he has also collaborated with The SEEK GROUP and The Care Oncology Clinic in the area of metabolic repurposed drugs. The results of the clinical trials using repurposed drugs have been as good or better than traditional chemotherapy for Glioblastoma.

Documents: Ndaba Mazibuko CV (.pdf 226KB)
Websites: Care Oncology Clinic

Jane Dorey McLelland Jane Dorey McLelland
As an 18 year Glioblastoma survivor, she has been an inspiration to many individuals plagued with Glioblastoma, a fatal cancer of the brain. Dr. Ben Williams, another survivor of Glioblastoma, uses chemotherapy as well as repurposed medications, and has been an advocate of this new formulation in the United States. Jane McLelland s is a qualified medical physiotherapist who has spent the last 18 years waiting for science to back up her theories and the methods she used to overcome advanced Glioblastoma and even stage 4 cervical cancer. She has been one of the greatest advocates for patients looking for other methods of treatment. She theorized that blocking simple sugars (glucose), key amino acids (nucleosides) and cholesterol would starve cancer alongside an individualized diet and reducing inflammation (COX2). To do this she used a novel combination of off label drugs, namely metformin, dipyridamole and lovastatin and etodolac.

Websites: How To Starve Cancer

Mary Newport M.D. Mary Newport M.D.
Dr. Newport is the author of “What If There Is A Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease” as an outcome of her use of coconut oil, fatty acids, and ketones in helping her husband’s care when all traditional medications failed. She is a advocate for patient care on Alzheimer’s Disease and had been a great teacher for all of us on the value of fatty acids in optimizing brain function. In her work, she uses combinations of coconut oil, medium change fatty acids, ketones, and phospholipids to maintain cellular membrane integrity and brain functions. Her work is based on the concept that the brain lacks proper nutrition from a defect in sugar metabolism and thereby can resort to fatty acids and ketones as a secondary fuel to maintain normal functionality, even 10 years before the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Websites: Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure?

Channing Paller M.D. Channing Paller M.D.
Channing J. Paller, M.D, is Assistant Professor of Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Paller earned her M.D. at Harvard Medical School and completed her medical residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she was a member of the Osler Housestaff Program, and her Fellowship in Medical Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. She is the first research clinician in USA to study on an old European herb, Mistletoe, in clinical trials as an adjunctive treatment for cancers. This clinical trial was initiated by Believe Big Foundation.

Documents: Channing Paller CV (.pdf 228KB)
Websites: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ioannis Papasotiriou M.D. Ph.D. Ioannis Papasotiriou M.D. Ph.D.
Ioannis Papasotiriou is an expert in molecular oncology with a focus on cancer chemosensitivity and developing screening tests. He is the head of RGCC SA – Research Genetic Cancer Centre SA – in Switzerland and Greece. Using cancer patient’s blood samples, his laboratory can define cancer cells in blood and screen for the correct chemotherapy treatment and also able to define the correct nutraceutical sensitivity to provide a “personalized treatment strategy.”

Documents: Ioannis Papasotiriou Bio (.pdf 267KB)
Websites: Research Genetic Cancer Centre SA

Christina Pirello Christina Pirello
Christiana Pirello is the Emmy Award-winning host of the television series Christina Cooks. At age 26, she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. After just two months of eating beans, grains and vegetables, her doctors noticed a significant improvement in her condition. In fourteen months, her cancer was gone. From that time, she was utterly convinced of the close relationship between diet and health and knew that her life’s calling was to help others discover the importance of this relationship in their own lives. She discovered that on a long term CRONK diet, her husband experienced multiple bone fractures as he was a marathon runner. This prompted her to add oils to the traditional macrobiotic diet and provided us with a better understanding of the importance of oils in a calorie restricted diet. To that end, she studied and became an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture and earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition.

Websites: Christina Cooks

Angela Poff Ph.D. Angela Poff Ph.D.
Working in collaboration with Dominic D´Agostino, Angela Poff has focused her research on the basic science of Glioblastoma and the therapeutic work with hyperbaric oxygen and ketogenic diets. She will present the past and present research on metabolism of cancers and treatments.

Documents: Angela Poff bio (.pdf 183KB), EB_2013_Ketone_Ester (.pdf 755KB), Poff_KD_and_HBOT_metastatic_cancer_PLOS1_2013 (.pdf 700KB)
Websites: Ketogenic Diet, Cancer Metabolism & The Warburg Effect w/ Angela Poff (VIDEO)

Chip Reichhart Chip Reichhart
Chip and the Reichhart family represent the desperate efforts when a family member and loved one has a diagnosis of a fatal cancer like brain Glioblastoma. It is only when one personally sees an unsolvable problem using traditional medical and surgical therapy that drives each one of us to search for a better solution. Frustrations and the ineffectual treatments spearheaded the birth of this Retreat seminar. We honor many families, like the Reichhart family, who have bravely searched for an integrative form of therapy for this fatal disease. His daughter, Kendell Reichhart, was able to suppress tumor growth for close to one year after the progression of his Astrocytoma to overt Glioblastoma. However, we realized that ketogenic diets and nutrition alone cannot resolve and cure this difficult cancer. Therefore it is important that all of us understand that we have to combine treatments along with traditional chemotherapy to conquer this great arena of cancer. We honor their family, and Mr. Reichhart will speak on their behalf to encourage all of the people in the world to take a more active stance in seeking better treatments.
Kendell Reichhart Kendell Reichhart
Kendell Reichhart is one of the three hosts of this Retreat. Kendell has been a long time advocate through her ownership of Natural Vibrant Health to promote nutrition. She has touch many thousands of lives, and at present, is expert in CRONK diets with the addition of ketogenic oils. Her management of her own brother’s life showed the efficacy of combined nutrition and chemotherapy to prolong his life. She will speak along with the other four chefs and nutritionists to provide the public with an optimal, low calorie nutritional regiment to use during the critical period of illness and then for the rest of their life. She has facilitated many conferences with Brian Clement of Hipocrates Institute and David Wolf.

Websites: Natural Vibrant Health

Gregory Riggins M.D. Ph.D. Gregory Riggins M.D. Ph.D.
As Glioblastoma cancer of the brain is often fatal despite the current surgical and medical / radiation treatment. At Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the neurosurgical department has been seeking repurposed drugs to be used as treatment. Dr. Riggins has focused his attention on these drugs as there is basic science and clinical evidence that Mebendazole is effective against Glioblastoma and other cancers. It is imperative that this drug is present despite no real financial incentive to recreate a market. It is tragic to see that the cost of Mebendazole oversees is only a few cents per tablet whereas it has an astronomical price in the United States. We, as a foundation, must assure that this drug be available despite the lack of financial incentive from manufacturers. At Johns Hopkins Medical Center Neurosurgical research, there is an intense study finishing Phase 1 and preparing for Phase 2 on Brain Medulloblastoma in children and Glioblastoma using Mebendazole, an antiparasitic drug. Mebendazole also shows effectiveness in other cancers and has synergistic effect with Glutamate blocking agents such as DON. Dr. Riggins will present the Phase 1 human studies already performed and will update us on the basic science of the Mebendazole drug.

Websites: Johns Hopkins Medicine

David Root M.D. David Root M.D.
David Root is a clinician that specializes on toxicology, cleansing, and detoxification programs worldwide. He has extensive clinical experience in the management of Agent Orange toxicity from the Viet Nam War, toxicity from the 9/11 firefighters. He uses a protocol using high dose niacin as a way to release toxic chemicals from fatty tissues with the addition of elimination through the skin via saunas and mobilizing the intestinal track. He has shown excellent clinical results, especially seen in the 9/11 firefighters of the World Trade Center. His landmark publication showed fat toxin at 100x higher concentration compared to blood serum in industrial worker with decrease of the toxic level after the cleansing program.

Documents: David Root CV (.pdf 307KB)

Laurent Schwartz M.D. Ph.D. Laurent Schwartz M.D. Ph.D.
Radiation oncologist trained at Mass General Hospital USA and in France who has a clinical series on Glioblastoma using Lipoic acid and hydrocitrate combination. Dr Laurent Schwartz has written the book “Cancer, guérir tous les malades, enfin?”. Doctor and researcher at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, he observed limits of conventional treatments against cancer. He reports his research of alternatives therapies, less aggressive for organism, having high hopes in a combination of three molecules. Tests on mice have shown decreasing tumors.

Documents: Laurent Schwartz CV (.pdf 219KB)
Websites: Dr Laurent Schwartz my hope against cancer (VIDEO), Guérir du Cancer

Thomas Seyfried Ph.D. Thomas Seyfried Ph.D.
In 2012, the publication of Tom Seyfried’s book, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” has awakened all of us to a comprehensive overview of the long history of the research on cancer metabolism. This document has summarized over 70 years on cancer metabolism and gives credibility to the fact that nutrition has a credible role in cancer prevention and treatment. Tom Seyfried has spearheaded the resurgence of the concept of mitochondria dysfunction as a primary cause of carcinogenisis. His ongoing research adding molecules that block the metabolism of cancer in addition to CRONK has brought to the forefront that all of us can have a role in the management of cancer and chronic disease. Along with his ongoing basic science research on cancer metabolism and the use of new repurposed drugs, Dr. Seyfried has made it his goal to make the world aware of the paradigm shift in our focus from genetic cause of cancer to a metabolic primary cause of carcinomatosis. This is a paradigm shift that must occur for us to win over cancer.

Websites: Boston College, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, Thomas Seyfried: Cancer: A Metabolic Disease With Metabolic Solutions (VIDEO)

Abdul Slocum M.D. Abdul Slocum M.D.
One of the young clinician and a protégé of Prof. Berkarda, the founder of medical oncology in Turkey, with large clinical experience using chemotherapy with Insulin Potentiation of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer with impressive results that the world needs to examine and replicate. He will present updated clinical results using a combined metabolic approach with traditional chemotherapy at low doses.

Documents: Complete Response of Locally Advanced (stage III) (.pdf 3MB), Iyikesici, Slocum et al copy (.pdf 2MB)
Websites: ChemoThermia Oncology Center, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Slocum, and Travis Christofferson on Treating Cancer (VIDEO)

Donald Stein Ph.D. Donald Stein Ph.D.
Donald Stein is the former Dean of Emory University and has the longest history of research on natural Progesterone, Progesterone with brain trauma, and Progesterone on Glioblastoma. It is well known that Progesterone has a protective and sedative effect on the brain, whereas synthetic Progesterone, Provera or Medroxyprogesterone, does not render the same benefit. Donald Stein has spent his whole life researching the different aspects of Progesterone’s benefit on the neuroprotection of the brain, and at present, he has evidence that Progesterone may have a protective effect against the development of brain cancer. The controversial, clinical results of Progesterone in head trauma is still being debated as there is clearly a discrepancy between the basic science research and the clinical outcomes. This shows the importance of good clinical design is as important as the designs in basic science research. He will discuss the basic science of Progesterone and its effect on the brain and the implications as a protection against brain cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Documents: Donald Stein CV (.pdf 498KB)
Websites: Brain Research Lab, Game Changers – Donald Stein, PhD – Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury (VIDEO)

Russell Swerdlow M.D. Ph.D. Russell Swerdlow M.D. Ph.D.
With his extensive research and clinical experience on neurological pathology, Russell Swerdlow has spearheaded the concept of mitochondrial medicine. His wide experience and knowledge of mitochondrial functions includes degenerative diseases and even sex hormone effects on mitochondrial functions. He’s on the editorial boards of the Journal of Mitochondrial Biology, Mitochondrial Therapy, and Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Director of the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center and the KUMC Neurodegenerative Disorders Program. Professor in the Departments of Neurology, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the U of Kansas School of Medicine. This will be a great opportunity for us to understand the mitochondrial dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s disease in comparison with the mitochondrial dysfunctions in Glioblastoma and other cancers.

Documents: Russell Swerdlow CV (.pdf 969KB), SEAD Study Paper 2017 (.pdf 281KB), Yu-swerdlow bioenergetic med 2014 (.pdf 2MB)

Nelofer Syed Ph.D. Nelofer Syed Ph.D.
Nelofer Syed is the close research associate of Dr. Adreinne Sheck of USA and associated with the Imperial College of London Department of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology and Department of Neurosurgery of Hammersmith Hospital. She will discuss ketogenic diet and its epigenetic influence and radiation therapy for Glioblastoma. The team of neurosurgery and radiation at Hammersmith Hospital are proposing a clinical study using ketogenic nutrition in the initial program proposed, and Dr. Syed will present the details of this important study ahead.

Websites: Imperial College London

Julie Taguchi M.D. Julie Taguchi M.D.
Dr. Julie Taguchi is truly an advocate for women’s complete health. It is well known that the proper balance of Progesterone to Estradiol Estrogen is important in women’s health from puberty all the way to menopause. It is known that Estradiol Estrogen dominance often leads to breast cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroid, and hypothyroidism. The standard treatment for breast cancer is to deplete the Estrogen components by the use of Tamoxifen and Anastrozole. Dr. Taguchi is the only oncologist in the United States who has followed a cohort of women with breast cancer with full natural hormone replacement and balance. For the woman who has a history of breast cancer, her life is deplete of any Estrogen once the diagnosis is made. The consequences of this hormone depletion, its multi-symptom effect from the brain, heart, bones, etc. are devastating. Dr. Taguchi is a pioneer in this endeavor and will present her updated clinical series.

Documents: Julie Taguchi CV (.pdf 357KB)
Websites: Sansum Clinic

Richard Veech M.D. Ph.D. Richard Veech M.D. Ph.D.
Dr. Richard Veech is the premier researcher in metabolism and an associate of Dr. Hans Krebs of the Krebs Cycle and oxidative phosphorylation. His focus has been on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases and has pioneered the work and development of D Beta Hydroxybutyrate ketone ester. As we understand that Alzheimer’s disease may be a form of Diabetes Type 3, lacking the ability to utilize sugar metabolism, this ketone ester is an alternative fuel to nourish brain cells, heart cells, and may have implications on longevity itself. His article has won the Best Research in 2016 in Cell, and the implications of this ketone derived from fatty acids may have huge implication not only in Alzheimer’s disease but also cancer and all other chronic diseases. There has been research that suggests that the use of Beta Hydroxybutyrate ketone will replicate the animal and clinical results of calorie restriction on longevity. This is a major breakthrough in medicine, and Dr. Veech is kind enough to share his life’s work with all of us for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Websites: Articles and Scientific papers on Ketone Esters and Dr. Veech

George Yu M.D. George Yu M.D.
As a urological and pelvic cancer surgeon for men and women for over 35 years, Dr. Yu gained insight into sex hormones in cancers and metabolism. Deprivation of testosterone and estradiol estrogen leads to mitochondrial metabolic dysfunction with hallmark symptoms of fatigue. In clinical cancer management, he combines nutritional CRONK, with extra ketogenesis, intermittent fasting pre-chemotherapy, sex hormone intermittent manipulations for men with prostate cancer, sex hormone balancing for women with breast cancers. He incorporates “repurposed drugs” as Melatonin, Metformin, Mebendazole, Statin drugs, as well as coordination with specialists on Metabolic blocking agents as Dichloroacetate and 3 Bromo pyruvate and also metabolic potentiation with insulin with lower dose cytotoxic agents. He believes the necessity of a “sequential cocktail treatment” using nutrition, drugs, metabolic blocking agents and chemotherapy and surgery while depriving cancer metabolism and growth “Starving Cancer Cells to Death.”

Documents: George Yu Article 2 Mitochondrial and Testosterone (.pdf 608KB), Geroge Yu Article 1 Induced hypogonadism (.pdf 79KB)
Websites: George W. Yu Foundation for Nutrition and Health, Inc.

David Zava Ph.D. David Zava Ph.D.
David Zava is a premier steroid chemist who has a special interest in sex hormone biochemistry. Unique to his background, after his doctoral work at the University of Texas, he spent 5 years in Switzerland studying sex hormones and receptors in breast tissues of normal and cancer patients. He developed a unique methodology of measuring sex hormones using dried blood spot tests, which has allowed all of us to examine hormone levels much easier than in the past. He also has a saliva hormone measurement, as well as a urinary hormone measurement. These new methodologies will change the way we understand menopause, andropause, and sex hormones in disease states. He will discuss his experience studying thousands of cases through the ZRT Laboratory internationally. Not only is he the head of ZRT Laboratory, but participates in IRB approved clinical studies. Dr. Zava will share with us useful information for every man and woman on sex hormone levels in health and disease states.

Websites: ZRT Laboratory

Bettina Zumdick Bettina Zumdick
Bettina Zumdick, the founder of the Culinary Medicine School, former senior Kushi Institute teacher and counselor, has helped thousands of people to regain and retain their health and vibrancy. She has always known that she had an important role to play in the transformation of humanity. Realizing the complex interconnections between mind, body, and spirit through her own healing journey from Lyme disease, Bettina knows it is possible to improve your health, access luminous beauty from within and to deepen the quality of all your experiences in life. Bettina is a humanitarian, teacher, counselor and author with over 30 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellness and macrobiotics.

Websites: Culinary Medicine School

Beth Zupec-Kania Beth Zupec-Kania
Beth Zupec-Kania is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who has promoted safe and effective ketogenic therapies since 1991. She’s managed ketogenic diets in individuals with autism, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial and metabolic disorders, migraine headache, multiple sclerosis, rare genetic disorders, various cancers, and, Parkinson’s disease. She’s authored over 50 publications, co-authored The Modified Keto Cook Book (Demos), co-organized three global ketogenic symposiums and is the designer of KetoDietCalculator; a web-based program for calculating diets. Beth has provided diet training to over 250 medical centers worldwide, owns Ketogenic Therapies, LLC and is a consultant to The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies.

Documents: Beth Zupec-Kania CV (.pdf 415KB)
Websites: Charlie Foundation, Keto Calculator